What to Expect Trading the First Day, Week and Month of 2018

Talking Points: December is historically the most sanguine time of the year as liquidity drains and motivation for breakouts and trends subsides Historically, January doesn’t offer up a dramatic volatility return according to VIX seasonality; but S&P 500 suggests differently While recent history points to volatile Januaries, we should take both seasonal and structural conditions […]

Risk Assets Steady Before Holiday Week, Weigh Practical Trading

The coming week holds a historical precedence of extremely restrictive market activity, but how far can complacency push in these already inert times? Dollar and overt risk assets will struggle for clear trend, but Pound pairs, commodities, Bitcoin and others may find more productive bearing. Talking Points: The S&P 500-led reversal through the middle of […]

EURUSD – Dips Favored Following Week of Monster Momentum

What’s inside: EURUSD blasts through important technical hurdles Finished last week above another key level, turning old resistance into new support Overbought in the short-run, but trend and momentum favor dip-buyers See what’s driving EURUSD this quarter, check out our Q2 forecast. Last week, EURUSD put in a monster performance by rising nearly 3 big-figures. […]


Euro on Edge During Holiday-Shortened Week Ahead of French Elections

Fundamental Forecast for EUR/USD: Neutral – French-German yield spreads widening back out, reflecting the market’s uncertainty over the outcome over the French election. – The retail crowd remains net-long EUR/USD, which as a contrarian indicator means losses could persist. – See how the French elections fit in with our Q2’17 EUR/USD forecast. The Euro lost […]


CAC 40 Closes the Week at New Lows

Talking Points: The CAC 40 has broken down to weekly lows this Friday, trading down -1.12%. Of the 40 listed CAC components, AXA had the largest Friday advance of +1.07%. Alternatively, ArcelorMittal has had the markets largest decline of -3.09%. Today’s decline should be seen as significant as it places the CAC 40 back below […]