Swiss Initiative Proposes Sovereign Money System; Posing Risk to Franc

Talking Points: Initiative proponents claim that only 10% of current money supply is from the Swiss National Bank The sovereign money scheme intends to protect tax-payers from bailing out banks Swiss National Bank Chairman Thomas Jordan warns the move would damage Swiss economy If implemented, the system may pose significant risks to the Franc’s status […]

Weekly Trading Forecast: Can Key Events like China GDP Cut Through Political Risk Volatility?

Benchmarks indices and currencies from the Dow to the Dollar continue to burn through volatility, but meaningful trends remain elusive. Can key event risk like China GDP or the BoC rate decision offer clarity to counter the general uncertainty of political risk? US Dollar Forecast: US Dollar Range Continues as Inflation Prints at One-Year Highs […]

Risk Assets Steady Before Holiday Week, Weigh Practical Trading

The coming week holds a historical precedence of extremely restrictive market activity, but how far can complacency push in these already inert times? Dollar and overt risk assets will struggle for clear trend, but Pound pairs, commodities, Bitcoin and others may find more productive bearing. Talking Points: The S&P 500-led reversal through the middle of […]

The Shortfall of the S&P 500, VIX or Individual Measures of Risk

Talking Points: Sentiment – also referred to as risk appetite/aversion or risk on / risk off – represents the most comprehensive force in the market Assessing broad speculative conviction and bearing can significantly bolster the performance of your trades Each trader has their preferred metric for sentiment (S&P 500, VIX, etc), but individual measures come […]