USD Rise at Risk of Exhaustion, Eyes on FOMC and NFP

USD Analysis and Talking Points Signs are arising for the US Dollar to top out Aside from Trade Wars focus is on FOMC and NFP See our Q3 FX forecast to learn what will drive major currencies throughoutthe quarter. Given the holiday thinned trade with US participants away for Independence Day, the USD index has […]

EURUSD: Italian Risk Remains, NFPs Loom

EURUSD News and Talking Points – Italian risk lowered but not removed. – EURUSD may weaken further on a strong US non-farm payroll print. The DailyFX Q2 Trading Forecasts for all major currencies, commodities and indices, are now availableto download to help you make more informed trading decisions. EURUSD Remains Under Pressure Italian financial markets […]

Swiss Initiative Proposes Sovereign Money System; Posing Risk to Franc

Talking Points: Initiative proponents claim that only 10% of current money supply is from the Swiss National Bank The sovereign money scheme intends to protect tax-payers from bailing out banks Swiss National Bank Chairman Thomas Jordan warns the move would damage Swiss economy If implemented, the system may pose significant risks to the Franc’s status […]

Weekly Trading Forecast: Can Key Events like China GDP Cut Through Political Risk Volatility?

Benchmarks indices and currencies from the Dow to the Dollar continue to burn through volatility, but meaningful trends remain elusive. Can key event risk like China GDP or the BoC rate decision offer clarity to counter the general uncertainty of political risk? US Dollar Forecast: US Dollar Range Continues as Inflation Prints at One-Year Highs […]