Weekly Fundamental Forecast: The Week Ends with Raised Trade War Threats from Trump, ECB and BoE Rate Decisions Ahead

Fundamental traders are finding it difficult to determine exactly what to keep tabs on for generating volatility in the markets. Is the escalation of the US-led trade war with another $ 267 billion tariff threat on China and not-so-subtle threat to pull Japan in more market-moving than scheduled events like the ECB and BoE rate […]


Weekly Fundamental Forecast: Are Dollar, Pound, Yen Moves Signaling a Tide Change?

Top fundamental themes – risk trends, monetary policy influence, etc – have passed another week without the resolve and conviction of a true trend. But, abrupt and provocative moves from the Dollar, Yen and Pound may indicate tension has hit the boiling point. US Dollar Forecast – NFPs Stall Dollar’s Run, Where Will the Drive […]

Fundamental and Technical 4Q Outlook: Will Markets Transition from Quiet to Active?

We have closed out one of the most subdued quarters of trading in recent memory. However, the congestion isn’t likely to last for much longer as fundamental pressure taxes the closing technical boundaries across the market. What catalysts can force the explosion and what direction will the markets take? US Dollar Q4 Forecast – US […]