Weekly Trading Forecast: Politics in Focus on UK Election, Comey

An unexpectedly uncertain UK election and testimony from ousted FBI director James Comey may rattle markets and overshadow economic news-flow. US Dollar Forecast:US Dollar at Risk as Political Jitters Rattle Financial Markets The US Dollar is vulnerable to further weakness as political uncertainty shakes global markets and undermines the Fed’s ability to sustain a lasting […]


CAC 40 Surges on French Election Results

Talking Points: The CAC 40 has surged to new 2017 highs on Monday, as European markets rally on the conclusion of the first round of the 2017 French presidential election. Yesterday’s election results have Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen moving forward to the final election round, which is to be held on May 7th. […]


Euro Stable on Election Day in the Netherlands

Talking Points – The Euro was broadly steady Wednesday as investors took the view that there was little event risk in the Dutch elections. – Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, which wants to take the Netherlands out of the EU, close mosques and ban the Koran, was seen as having little chance of taking power. – […]


USD/MXN Sharply Rallies on US Election Results

USD/MXN has been labeled the ‘Trump trade” for the past few months and today it is living up to its name increasing 11% since the daily close. With some large electoral states leaning towards Donald Trump, USD/MXN has swung violently and trended higher currently up over 11% over the past 5 hours. Though it is […]